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Faced with the standardization of health cover, some players are breaking away from the responsible contract to offer cover more suited to the specific needs of their policyholders. Very responsible non-responsible contracts, additional supplements or mixed products which cover both health and long-term care risks, provident and health risks or even retirement and health, is it still possible to innovate in guarantees?

The morning on the theme « How to get out of the shackles of the responsible supplemental health contract? » Will be co-hosted by Marie-Sophie Houis-Valletoux (PMP Partner & Cercle LAB Partner), Pierre-François Kieffer (PMPConsultant) and Mariona Vivar Mompel (journalist for the editorial staff of News Assurances Pro).

They will receive Anne Marion (Founder, Actuarial), Fabrice Muller  (Director of Health Development at Société Générale Assurances) as well as Marc Bertolini (DGA Insurance and Services at MNT, Mutuelle Nationale Territoriale).


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