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As part of its series of conferences on managerial innovation, PMP organised a lunch conference on Friday 15 October 2021 on the subject « Who transforms the company: Man or machine? The experience of Getlink »

CEO of Getlink
told us how he is developing a new strategy for Getlink, and the place of new technologies in it

Doctor of Philosophy, lecturer at the Catholic University of Lyon and at the IAE, founder and director of ASM Conseils, co-author with Yves Michaud of “Mutation numérique et responsabilité humaine des dirigeants”
brought his philosopher’s eye to bear on the development of digital technologies, telling us how it affects all dimensions of human life and our relationship with the world, and why it is a challenge for managers in positions of responsibility in companies.

A debate led by : Gilles Martin, Senior Partner PMP and Hugues Marchal, Senior Manager of PMP’s Transport Division.


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photo site 15 10 2021 3

photo site 15 10 2021 3

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