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The current unprecedented context has had major impacts on ways of consuming. Companies have had to adapt and come up with new solutions very quickly.

The Délégation générale du Québec à Paris and Investissement Québec International have invited you to discover the innovative solutions of Quebec companies in the retail and e-commerce sectors, which have been able to react in the context of Covid-19 with the eye by PMP.


Stakeholders and shared solutions

« The consequences to be drawn from confinement and how to accelerate the development of e-commerce and digital transformation to adapt to this new context »
François COUSI, Partner, PMP

“How do you manage a 300% increase in e-commerce traffic while automating more than 15,000 online customer requests? » HEYDAY presents the solutions implemented for the company DAVIDsTEA»
Étienne MERINEAU, Co-founder, HEYDAY
Clients: LVMH, Decathlon, Danone, Cirque du Soleil, Jules

“The introduction in 1,200 stores, in less than 2 weeks, of traffic management and operation by appointment”. The successful example with Optic 2000 ”
Elie PEREZ , Co-founder, BOOXI
Customers: Sephora, Optic 2000, Décathlon, Natalys, Clarins, Le Bon Marché

« The daily life of hospital staff during the Covid-19 crisis ».  Discover the daily realities of the medical profession on the front line of the epidemic »
Louis DELAOUSTRE , Co-founder, POTLOC
Clients: L’Oréal, Décathlon, Kiabi, LEK Consulting, EY, Roland Berger, Bain

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