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Our values

Our ambitions

Our primary ambition is to revolutionize the consulting sector by eliminating barriers between strategy and execution, expertise and co-creation. We guide our clients through the digital transition, encouraging them to reinvent themselves through the power of IoT, big data, and AI. In this approach, we shape the future of consulting with agility, a diverse team, and dedicated commitment, fully integrated into the heart of ecosystems. Our commitment to ESG principles is at the core of each of our actions, affirming our social and environmental responsibility.

What sets us apart

On the one hand, our cross-sector skills enable us to support our clients’ leadership teams over the long term, thanks to the knowledge and diversity of our experts. On the other hand, our commitment as a business partner allows us to break down barriers between strategy, executive decisions, and successful execution, all while remaining focused on results.


PMP Strategy is a strategy consulting firm dedicated to creating a positive impact for senior management. We know that it is no longer acceptable to impact corporate performance without considering the world we live in. Creating a positive impact means achieving both.

Your environments are constantly changing, at an ever-accelerating pace. We already know that we will not work or consume tomorrow as we do today.

We have all learned that we now need to quickly adapt to major disruptions, which are by nature unpredictable.

At PMP Strategy, we work with managers to do both, and create a positive impact. Just like you, we’re true experts in your sector. Our areas of expertise are rigorously selected based on a high level of skill and understanding.

We are convinced that no positive impact can be achieved without great conviction and the total mobilization of a diversified team. Since we can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s answers, we strive to find innovative, tailor-made solutions, as if we were doing it for ourselves. We always strive to work with you and your teams, hand in hand, with the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes us.

We believe in diversity, human commitment and openness. These are the values that forge the strong relationships and mutual trust we cultivate with our customers.

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