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Energy and decarbonization of industry

Learn to navigate the three major current trends in the energy sector: energy transition, market liberalization, and digital deployment.

New models

The decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization of the energy system are forcing players to reinvent their business models.

The energy transmission and distribution sectors will have to adapt to demand by adjusting their infrastructures, promoting interconnections and integrating smart grid technologies. Energy suppliers will also have to adapt to increased competition by diversifying their energy service offerings.

Our offer

To assist you in developing a strategy based on new models and services

Developing the strategy

Faced with the challenges of energy transition and an uncertain environment, we support our customers in defining the best strategic scenario, as well as identifying the key partners and the implementation path.

Empowering you to seize digital opportunities and innovate while considering uncertain factors

Building new models

We help our customers define their positioning and the offers that will best respond to the threats and opportunities of value shifts, whether in network services, energy supply or energy services.

Putting the customer at the center of the experience

Seizing digital opportunities

To transform sectors that are already highly exposed (telecoms, travel, retail, culture), our digital experience enables us to propose development strategies tailored to energy players, as well as practical recommendations for rapid operational gains.

Improve your operational and contractual performance

Putting customers back at the center

We integrate developments in the energy sector and more general market trends to put the customer back at the center of our multi-channel marketing and customer relations systems, taking into account the needs of each segment within a constrained budgetary and regulatory framework.



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