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CFO Advisory & Integrated Performance / CSR – ESG

The finance department, a creator of value.

Sustainable value and integrated financial and non-financial performance

Our conviction: more than ever, finance departments must be at the heart of financial and global value creation. We support finance functions that want to play a key role in strategy by informing asset allocation, creating strategic alignment through the steering model, and driving the implementation of performance plans. CFOs who want to increase the added value of their organization, processes and tools. CFOs who want to be at the forefront of innovation through data and digital, but also by rethinking performance to include all CSR-ESG components.

Our offer

Operational model and transformation of the finance function

The finance function supports the company’s transformation and optimization efforts. The financial sector has a number of levers at its disposal to improve performance, including the digitization of processes and their optimization through
process mining, pooling resources within service centers or Digital Factories, as well as coordinating the Finance Academy, which provides training in technological innovations and new challenges such as extra-financial/ESG issues.

Economic and performance management

Focusing energies, anticipating risks and opportunities, putting the company into action: these are the key principles around which we build the management models that enable our customers to deliver global performance in line with their strategy. We advocate adapted approaches focused on efficiency and action, making use of data and OKR methods (
Objectives Key Results

Business and support efficiency plan

In today’s competitive and volatile environment, a relevant strategy must go hand in hand with an effective plan. The CFO plays a key role in steering and achieving the objectives of this plan, alongside General Management and Operations. Performance levers need to be addressed from a global perspective: operational excellence, organizational optimization, purchasing performance. The CFO is
in framing the optimization ambition, and in managing the achievement of results by all corporate functions, he sets the pace, anticipates to stay on course, and objectifies action plans.

IT/IS organization model and agility

In a world of perpetual transformation, it is essential for strategy to be able to rely on solidcapabilities solid. That’s why our practice has developed know-how to support managers in reviewing and improving their organization’s performance, inspired by more agile and efficient models. We are convinced that technological innovations are powerful levers for this agile transformation, and that the role of the information systems department, with its strong orientation towards the needs of its customers, is of the utmost importance.
Core business
is central to the success of this dynamic.

CSR-ESG transformation

The Finance department is responsible for steering the company’s overall performance and for translating the risks and opportunities associated with CSR-ESG issues into the business model.

Our value proposition is to help CSR-ESG managers and CFOs in their transformation so that they take on the challenges of sustainability and environmental, societal and governance impacts as objects of economic performance and influence with stakeholders, beyond being a regulatory constraint.

Infrastructure manager in the energy sectorDiagnosis of the Management Control function

Drawing up a diagnosis of the Group's financial performance throughout France. Drawing up of a transformation plan and validation by the Comex. Implementation of priority projects on unit-based management, the organizational model and industry leadership.

Philippe Otero del ValChief Financial Officer, SACEM

PMP has been working with Sacem for many years. In particular, we appreciate the quality of their listening skills and their ability to propose solutions that are appropriately calibrated to our issues, whether in terms of highly operational questions or strategic thinking, integrating cultural and political dimensions into their approach. Hand-tailored solutions led by high-quality, highly available teams. For the Sacem, PMP Strategy is more than a consultant, it's a partner.

Listed company in new technologies

Define and support the implementation of new budgeting and forecasting processes. Model payroll forecasts in a changing environment. Accompanying change on a global scale with FP&A populations.

Transport infrastructure manager

Define a new organization for finance functions to meet the Group's performance challenges (end-to-end investment management, reporting factory, shared services center).

International hotel group

Support the transformation of the global finance function as part of a change in business model.

Matthieu MorivalFinance transformation program director, Dassault Systemes

The PMP Strategy teams have been instrumental in digitizing our financial forecasting tools. They have demonstrated rigorous support, contagious dynamism and great adaptability in the face of the challenges of a large-scale international deployment.

Sylvie NhansanaAdministrative and Financial Director, La Fourchette

La Fourchette has called on PMP several times in recent years. We benefited from real, highly operational expertise, particularly in cash management issues, the definition of business KPIs and the construction of a solid financial model enabling us to project financial flows over 3 years. PMP's great strength lies in its pragmatic approach, the quality and relevance of its recommendations, which are always adapted to the context and the organization, and its ability to create a relationship of trust with its customers.

Emmanuel SAVARYControlling Director, ISP BG , Nexans

MP supported us in the transformation of Management Control in Europe. Working closely with the PMP team throughout the project, we benefited both from high-quality dialogue on strategic issues and change management, and from pragmatic operational support during implementation.<br>

North American Financial Institution North American Financial InstitutionValue-based investment management

Review of project portfolio management mechanisms involved in the appraisal, prioritization and financial commitment of new initiatives:</p>
<p>Clarification of roles and responsibilities involved in decision-making ;<br>
Overhaul of processes from idea appraisal to validation of the financial commitment;<br>
Definition of the methods and tools required to conduct a performance dialogue prior to the budget allocation;<br>
Assessment of the transformation needs to be considered by the company in the medium and long term, in order to continuously improve its organizational performance.

International hotel groupSteering the Finance transformation program

Support for the Group Finance Department and all the departments involved in steering the plan to transform practices and organization relating to performance management, budgeting and forecasting processes, talent management, IT finance and data governance.

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