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Transportation & Mobility

Make tomorrow’s opportunities a reality: decarbonization, multimodality in the transport of people and goods, serviced mobility, industrialization of historical models, market liberalization.

New models in a fast-changing environment

Transport and Mobility companies have a unique opportunity to transform their models: decarbonization, personalization, and seamless multimodality.

We work for all players in the value chain, for both passenger mobility and freight transport: infrastructure and asset managers, public players, mobility operators, logistics and transport companies, digital platforms, and funds.

We cover all modes of transportation: rail, public transport, individual mobility, road & logistics, air & airport, and maritime & river.

Our offer

Support the creation of services by placing customers at the center

  • Decarbonized, connected and autonomous transport and mobility
  • Transition from ownership to use, Mobility-as-a-Service, Car-as-a-Service, rolling stock leasing
  • Freight intermodality and multimodality
  • Product and service segmentation and pricing, from low-cost to premium
  • Rebalancing between regulated and non-regulated activities

Accelerate the decarbonization of mobility and goods transportation

Achieve concrete results by controlling total cost of ownership :
  • Decarbonizing fleets
  • Building new value chains: alternative fuels, hydrogen, electricity
  • Developing Infrastructure: vehicle recharging, multi-energy stations, recycling and reuse

Transform your operational and industrial models

Industrializing models based on long-term assets:
  • Asset management and data control (connected garages and drivers, exploitation of operating data)
  • Make or buy and asset-light models such as rolling stock leasing
  • Organizational transformation and performance: customer centricity, matching resources and means, leveraging data

Build robust ecosystems and balanced partnerships

Make each player bear the risks they can impact, for the benefit of improved service and performance:
  • Contractual performance of public transport
  • Opening up to rail competition
  • Contractual relations between asset managers (rail network, airport) and their users

Support transactions, steer value creation

  • Market and traffic studies, with expertise in the analysis of modal shares.
  • Right-to-win and offer and product positioning
  • BP analysis of mobility, transport and logistics players
  • Synergy enhancement and post-merger integration
  • Development and value creation plans

In the scope of the creation of a large shared services department for the SNCF Group, a number of complex projects have been carried out, bringing together multidisciplinary approaches involving the different companies in the group. For me, PMP Strategy has been the linchpin in managing and dynamizing the project portfolio, ensuring consistency for all stakeholders and transferring its knowledge to an in-house PMO team. The innovative and responsive nature of the PMP Strategy teams was a major differentiating factor for me and my teams.


Preparation and animation of a Wargame with a dual objective of managerial and strategic alignment of the COMEX.


Opportunity study for setting up in a new country: study of demand, supply, regulatory and tax constraints, local ecosystem.


Definition and implementation of multimodal fare ranges; fare harmonization; marketing/pricing/distribution strategies.


Forward-looking approach and scenario planning for 20 and 50 years out, to identify criteria for future investment in infrastructure projects and rolling stock.


High-quality resources, highly autonomous, rigorous, engaged and with excellent interpersonal skills. It's a culture that is both rich and unique: taking the time to listen in order to find solutions for people and for the way the company works, and tackling the questions that people don't always want to hear, but which are critical to the success of the project.


Definition of the regional mobility marketing strategy: diagnosis of the offer and customer needs, national benchmark of regional mobility policies, definition of the target vision and regional roadmap.


Supporting the opening up of domestic passenger rail services to competition.


Support for the launch and execution of a hotel marketplace: strategic opportunity study, construction of the business model, definition of the implementation plan, implementation management, definition of the sales process, optimization of the online hotel process, traffic generation audit.


Support for a metropolis in defining and implementing its mobility marketing strategy: customer segmentation and associated data strategy, redesign of physical and digital customer journeys, definition and support for a metropolitan MaaS, redesign of the mobility offer and associated pricing, definition of a harmonized policy for measuring and steering quality and customer satisfaction, creation of a metropolitan mobility brand and operational roll-out on the networks.


Market due diligence with a view to acquiring a stake in a shared parking operator


Market study for the marketing of Big Data software to improve operating performance and facilitate decision-making in terms of the most efficient mobility. Go to market strategy.


Study for the repositioning of a brand within the Group's portfolio: evaluation of existing positioning and impact analysis of different positioning scenarios.


Support for the company-wide transformation plan aimed at breaking down the silos to adopt a process-based structure and management.

Our experts

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