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[Study] Impacts of COVID in public transport

By 27 October 2020April 10th, 2024Transportation & mobility

How to build on the experience of the first half of 2020 to prepare for a “second wave”

The COVID-19 health crisis is hitting the transport sector hard.

The economic model of public transport is in danger. Attendance is declining, especially for medium and long distance journeys. Mobility practices are changing: new soft forms of mobility in urban areas, shift towards the individual vehicle, questioning of the decrease in mobility needs with, for example, the development of teleworking. And, in cases where the service offer has been re-established in a mode close to nominal, the tariff revenues and the indirect revenues are still not there.

In this context, PMP, with its German partner Civity Management Consulting, conducted a European study to analyze the impact of the crisis on the economic model of public transport.

Based on the feedback from the past few months, the study also presents avenues for facing the challenges of the coming months and preparing for a “second wave”:

  • Adapt the offer in an agile way while making sure to maintain visibility for customers,
  • Redesign the risk-sharing model between organizing authorities and transport operators,
  • Optimize the economic model by relying, for example, on cutting off peak hours, waiving transport offers, or even on the transfer of services from heavy modes to lighter and agile modes (for example from rail to from the coach, or from the bus to on-demand transport),
  • Find new financing models that can rely on the use of private capital to finance the necessary investments in infrastructure or rolling stock, and meet the needs for modernization and the challenges of climate change.


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