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Adapt and transform your business model to accelerate growth, optimize value creation and deliver ever greater value to your customers and employees, while meeting technological, macroeconomic, regulatory and competitive challenges and assuming your new responsibilities to society.

The transformation of the Financial Services sector

The financial services sector is marked by a persistently uncertain macroeconomic environment, technological challenges and regulatory constraints. Competition between traditional players and new entrants (Bigtech, Fintech, Insurtech, Private debt, etc.) remains fierce, with major changes in customer expectations and employee aspirations.

This environment is forcing the sector to rethink its target model and business portfolio, to evolve its customer promise and relationships, to reflect on the experience it wants for its employees, to better manage its organization, to rethink its business models, and to carry out the associated transformations.

Our offer

Helping you design your transformation strategy and projects

  • Developing your company’s strategic plan
  • Support for reviews of the business portfolio and business lines
  • Due diligence at the development and implementation phases of multi-year transformation plans

Support for M&A projects (acquisitions, cessions, JVs, etc.)

  • Due diligence pre-transaction and during the transaction negotiation
  • Definition and implementation of the post-merger integration and value creation plan
  • Post-transaction transformation and preparation for future divestment

Promoting business growth and development opportunities

  • Seize business diversification opportunities and identify growth drivers
  • Develop new and innovative offers and the go-to-market target strategy
  • Revisit the value chain and the associated industrial partnership strategy

Improve distribution and sales efficiency

  • Distribution models, including omnichannel challenges
  • The challenges of segmentation, the customer journey and the client experience
  • Steering by customer value
  • Cost-to-serve optimization

Manage performance and organization from start to finish

  • Cost out & Value in: Opex / Capex management, optimizing the cost base
  • Process optimization and the use of data process mining and the use of data to enhance performance
  • Defining the Target Operating Model (TOM) and aligning Front to Back to IT

Our experts

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