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Alongside the Caisse des Dépôts & Consignation and a team of researchers from the ENS Cachan, PMP contributed to the study of the externalities of telecentres, these new spaces capable of accommodating all types of workers, from employees to independent, near their home and in professional conditions.

This study made between February and November 2013, conduced to a scientific analysis of the externalities induced by the deployment of a network of urban telecentres in France, in particular by 2025.

Based on an economic model capable of grasping the complexity of the dimensions covered by the telecentres, PMP and its partners have managed to identify five areas where the contributions of the telecentres are most notable: transport, direct earnings for employees, direct earnings for businesses, health, local attractiveness and economic development.

For more details on this work and its conclusions, the study “Externalities of telecentres” was published by Caisse des Dépôts on March 6th, 2014 and accessible at the following link.

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