One goal: to maximise your potential

It is precisely because we understand the relativity of the idea of giving «the best of oneself» that we attach so much importance to training at PMP.

Our employees receive training in the fundamentals of their new functions at each and every grade level, to handle the responsibilities assigned to them and to meet established expectations.

In addition to this, the consultant is trained on an ongoing basis and several times over the year will   learn about an array tools and ideas to broaden his or her skill-sets as far as possible. Training deals with a variety of issues, be they office-oriented, methodological or behavioural, with the goal of being expanded upon by anyone seeking to make his or her own contribution to our catalogue.

To keep everyone in the know, PMP organises annual Meetings for Managerial Innovation: a set of conferences geared towards senior management, addressing the topic of innovation in the face of changes to our society and business.

Regular assessments

Each consultant is periodically assessed and at the end of each of his or her assignments. The appraisal at PMP is a moment of exchange, a time for discussion to allow each of the parties to understand, explore and work on areas of improvement with a view to ramping up skills. This element, seminal to PMP, applies across the board, thanks to the adoption of a 360° feedback system.  

Continuous support

The consulting profession is demanding and it is our duty to ensure that you find your way and feel fulfilled, through us giving you our constant attention:  at PMP, you will be heard and listened to as we are well aware that your interest goes before ours in satisfying our clients.

To ensure this happens, we propose two operational points of contact:

  1. The referring partner - your official port of call. You can always turn to him or her for guidance. Vanguard of your professional advancement, he or she will supervise your progress and help you to keep on track (managing your assignments, achievements and assessments, career path and progression), even if it means helping you to re-chartering your path, should the need arise.
  2. The counsellor, your own personal guide. The trusted person you can confide in whenever you need to, independently of your assignments and deadlines. Ready to listen, kind and understanding, knowledgeable and experienced, he or she will guide you through the sometimes inevitable pitfalls of being a consultant, participating fully in your professional and personal progress. Like a lighthouse on the landscape of your progress, he or she is there to guarantee your wellbeing and sense of fulfilment.

To put this support on a formal footing, members of our teams meet their referring partner and counsellor at least once a year to review the past 12 months – they are naturally ready to listen to you and are at your disposal throughout your career at PMP.

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Career Opportunities

At PMP, thinking about others, their growth and progress is a daily concern – find out how we ensure this.

Life within PMP

A life punctuated by monthly opportunities for dialogue, reflecting the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit

We believe that it is important to rally our staff around the same goal: sustainable and healthy growth, in line with our founding values of solidarity, quality and creativity.  To encourage this, we all meet on a monthly basis to share each skill cluster’s progress and to present a selection of the best assignments and their results. Afterwards, we usually enjoy some more relaxed time to get together and exchange ideas…often running over the official time slot.

A year brimming with seminars and in-house events

Seminars are plentiful at PMP, providing building opportunities and time for privileged collective training.

At skill cluster level, each one meets annually for a friendly get-together (Saint Malo…) plus regularly during the year to train and reflect on current developments and news within their sector. The firm’s annual seminar is the high point and a getaway opportunity that always provides a wealth of emotions and memories. Having explored Moscow, Palermo, Kitzbühel, Bilbao, Montreal and Tignes, in 2018, PMP consultants got very enthusiastic about a certain city set on 7 hills and its homes adorned with ceramics, Lisbon….

These opportunities for all of us getting together are dovetailed with various themed evenings, like the Christmas or summer parties. An annual evening event also provides an opportunity to bring clients and partners together in the spirit of broadening the practice, so that they can enjoy a convivial moment in our premises decorated for the occasion, without the plethora of laptops.

A spirit of openness at all times

Consulting is defined, above all else, by the abundance of players and the richness of the meetings with them. With this in mind, we arrange regular meetings to allow everyone to mix, open up, learn and grow. An example of this is « Réveillez-vous », (Wake up!), themed-breakfast meetings with an invited speaker who has had an a-typical career, or « Conversations », meetings over lunch when a consultant reveals a passion that he or she has…

Come and work in the firm

Our offices are right in the heart of the city, guaranteeing easy access and local vibrancy. 

Mostly open-plan with

  • Specific areas dedicated to creativity
  • A cafeteria, ideal for meeting and sharing

A profusion of initiatives and activities

PMP’s offering abounds with activities that reflect the warm and convivial atmosphere within the firm. We really encourage our consultants to discover and practice their passions – we already have a number of different clubs and initiatives (opera, ski, sailing, oenology, running, football…)… So don’t hesitate if you want to join a club or even start up a new one !

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Today’s world is all about networks: technical, mechanical, digital and, above all, profoundly human. A network made up of people who think, live and work with others…people who follow each other from one stage of life – professional or personal – to another…who call each other, write to each other, help each other, enrich each other and others…who are bound by strong ties of friendship, history, dreams and plans…

For 15 years, PMP has built up an exceptional and unique network of alumni, made up of employees and colleagues of past and present, who all still share the same passion for people and for the job.

To be part of PMP’s alumni network is to continue to belong to a vibrant and dynamic group of women and men who are still driven by the desire to continue to grow. It is a privileged portal to a powerful networking platform, access to ongoing training and activities that are as numerous as they are captivating.



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