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PMP at the forefront of Very High Speed

By 8 January 2009April 10th, 2024publications, Publications

PMP regularly works in France and abroad with operators and other private players to help them in their strategic and operational choices related to the development of Very High Speed.

With its subsidiary AVISEM, specializing in digital planning advice for communities and public actors, PMP has just carried out a series of studies to shed its FttH light on various key issues in the development of THD in France.

Some are public, including:

The study for the ARF on the prospects for the deployment of very high speed on French territory, and the desirable measures on the part of the regulator, the communities and the state to maximize it as soon as possible:

The study for AVICCA “cable and very high speed”, conducted by our subsidiary AVISEM, explores how communities can enhance the cable networks present in their territory so that high speed Internet becomes available there, if possible with a plurality of offers operators:

The study for ARCEP on the “Point de Mutualisation”, carried out with the firm QUATREC, analyzes from a technical and economic point of view several scenarios for the position of the point of mutualisation in future FttH networks, in particular to maximize the deployment of FttH networks:

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