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Tribune / CES 2018: “Cocorico” by Marie-Sophie Houis-Valletoux

By 29 January 2018April 10th, 2024Publications

Marie-Sophie Houis-Valletoux, PMP partner in charge of insurance, banking and health, was present at the CES show, which took place from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas. She looks back on some French innovations unearthed on the aisles of the show which may have an impact for the insurance sector.

Beyond what everyone told you:

  • 7% of French exhibitors out of 3,900,
  • 1/3 of Eureka Park start-ups were French,
  • About thirty French start-ups rewarded with an “Innovation Award” including 2 “Best of Innovation Award”: Blue Frog Robotics with Buddy, a companion robot that accompanies the family in its daily life and Lancey Energy Storage with its first intelligent electric heater with integrated battery,

…I wanted to tell you about the favorites of a French woman in Las Vegas… who took the opportunity to meet French start-ups… A real-false change of scenery with a real carbon footprint!

When a “French Institution” reconciles people and innovation: La Poste

At the post office stand there were letter carriers and lots of electronic items and digital services. Between them it seemed rather to go well. A letter carrier enthusiastically presented to us all the new products that her company was highlighting at CES 2018.

Beyond this feeling of abundance, I observed these new services while wondering how to define the profession of the Post today and tomorrow and especially I thought of the Postal Bank and the insurance activities of the Bank Postal. Some of these services may show significant synergies with certain insurance products, home insurance, long-term care insurance, complementary health insurance, corporate social protection offers.

  • Services to make life easier that combine digital and human and a great way to reinvent the role of the postman in the service of proximity, conviviality and security
    • “My Daily Services”, accessible services and carefully selected providers to make life easier for our fellow citizens; one of the flagship services: the delivery of drugs by the postman;
    • “Watch over my parents”, an original way of combining technology and the services provided by the postman to secure home care for the elderly;
    • “Watch over my home”, offer technological and human solutions to secure the home during periods of absence;
  • Electronic safe solutions to better manage daily life and health
    • An electronic safe to facilitate and secure the administrative management of your daily life;
    • A digital health record that allows you to archive your medical history and collect data from your connected health objects;
  • Connected objects and services at work and at home
    • At Home, they are connected objects and services to facilitate the management of one’s home;
    • At Work, these are connected objects that make it possible to objectify the elements of quality of life at work, such as noise, temperature, air pollution in “open space” environments;
  • And finally my “darling”, Monimalz who reinvents the piggy bank; it’s physical, it’s virtual, it’s customizable, and it comes with a bunch of fun features for kids to learn how to manage their money.

This makes your head spin a little, La Poste offers a great showcase for a lot of start-ups and multiplies the services, at work and at home, for children and the elderly, seeks to make everyday life easier and better manage our health …

But what is the job of the Post?

When French companies seduce us

I wanted to focus on 3 start-ups considering their relevant offer, particularly for the insurance sector

Management: Klaxoon – The meeting reinvented… for insurance companies, too!

One observation: leaders would spend 16 years of their life in meetings… that’s a lot and it’s not always effective. Klaxoon offers solutions to reinvent the meeting, to make it shorter, more participatory, more conclusive… Our Minister of Digital seems to have already been tempted. I’m dying to test! How can the fact of adding a good reason to look at our computer or our smartphone in a meeting contribute to better interact with our peers?

Health: Fizimed – A solution for women’s health designed by a woman… which could be financed through a preventive approach within complementary health contracts

Initially, a little glamorous subject, perineal rehabilitation. At the end of the day, a smart solution that takes over the work of physiotherapists and helps women take care of their health thanks to a connected medical device.

Goods: Monuma – Expertise in “augmented goods” … and obvious synergies integrated into home insurance guarantees

When the blockchain comes to the aid of the valuation of your goods, with remote expertise and concrete certification. A solution that secures you and facilitates the management of possible insurance claims.

I promise next year to be less chauvinistic and to tell you a few words about technological discoveries beyond French borders?

Marie-Sophie Houis-Valletoux

PMP partner in charge of insurance, banking and health

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