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Tribune: My CES 2018, “On your marks, get set, sleep! »By Marie-Sophie Houis-Valletoux

By 29 January 2018April 10th, 2024Publications

After having explored the French innovations at CES Las Vegas, Marie-Sophie Houis, PMP partner in charge of insurance, banking and health, focuses on innovations for better sleep. Sleep is one of the three main primary prevention issues for insurers after diet and physical activity.

In the hubbub of the Sands, I found a haven of peace that responded to the pretty name of “Sleep Tech”. An entire space devoted to sleep!

As a first step, comfortable mattresses for an extreme experience of 20 minutes of relaxation which promised to get me back in shape like 2 hours of sleep, I confess that I first saw it as a tempting opportunity to lie down for a few minutes to fight against the effects of jet-lag and several hours of trampling in the aisles of CES.

Then I was intrigued by the space devoted to what looks like a new injunction from our “Care” society where we take care of everything, even our sleep… because sleeping poorly is “not good” and… that one must act resolutely, to live healthily, and… to sleep well.

The imagination is in the power to bring you to recover the sleep… not so naturally as that…

A small overview of the types of solutions in the sleep market, intended for insurers, who among the axes of diversification of services and enrichment of their complementary health and personal protection offers, seek both to give more value to the end customer and to impact the risk. However, sleep is one of the three main issues of primary prevention after diet and physical activity. When will you have contracts that will offer you premium reductions if you regularly sleep 8 hours a night?

MagniSmartech “Embrace the future of sleep”, mattresses that monitor the temperature in your room, wake you up in the morning, massage you and reposition themselves to better support you.

Dreem “The Science of Better Sleep” offers solutions to help you fall asleep better thanks to relaxing music, to wake you up gently, to stimulate you during your sleep to improve the quality of your deep sleep and a “sleep coach” app. To become a true sleep champion. Part of it all involves you lying down… with a helmet on?

Snail Sleep “More than a dream” has developed a complete range of products:

an application to monitor the quality of your sleep day after day, broadcast relaxing music, wake you up gently, record your snoring to help with the diagnosis;
objects to help you fall asleep: a lamp that creates a favorable environment, another that diffuses scents;
objects to support your sleep: a blanket that regulates the temperature, a smart humidifier, sensors to monitor your heart rate, your breathing during your sleep, pillows to fight against snoring, smart pillows that monitor your sleep have components on board allowing to relax the cervicals and play music.
SleepPhone, “Sleep Well, Live Well,” offers headphones nicely set in a headband to wear all night. Basically they are wireless headphones to use in bed, either to broadcast sounds promoting restful sleep or to listen to TV in bed … without waking the other.

Aromarest, “Sleep like nature intended”, an object and an application to diffuse sounds, light, scents which are supposed to make us rediscover a natural experience of sleep.

Somnuva, “A new way to sleep”, a solution based on technological advances in sound therapy to allow you to find optimal sleep cycles.

NuCalm, “Get the benefits of 2 hours of sleep in 20 minutes”, promises to relax your body and your mind around 4 components: a cream, micro-stimulation, an acoustic device and a mask.

A better night’s sleep starts with Nightingale, which thanks to connected lamps and blankets creates an ideal sleep environment by voice command (compatible with Alexa or Google Home).

HOT One, these are masks that by heat and pressure promote restorative rest.

Tailor, “Smart Pillow”, connected pillows that monitor your sleep and measure blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.

Pillows, blankets, lamps, and connected alarm clocks… masks and headphones… music, perfumes, sounds, lights adapted to create the ideal sleeping environment… and a small application to control all that… you are ready for the big sleep.

In short, to sleep well, sleep connected!


Marie-Sophie Houis-Valletoux

PMP partner in charge of insurance, banking and health

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