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how to take advantage of the pact law?

By 23 September 2019April 10th, 2024Publications

The Pacte law is a reform aimed at supporting companies of intermediate sizes which represent the main provider of jobs in France. In its ambition to improve the financing of companies, the Pacte law simplifies and standardizes existing retirement savings products while placing them in a more competitive framework. It also attempts to better protect the rights of life insurance savers by strengthening the transparency and portability of contracts.

However, professionals in the sector are struggling to grasp all of the changes brought about by this law even though these could represent opportunities for most of them. So what strategy should be adopted to make the most of the opportunities that this law could present?

To provide answers to this question, the Cercle Lab offers you a conference, in partnership with PMP, moderated by Marie-Sophie Houis Valletoux (PMP Partner & Cercle LAB Partner) with the eyes of expert speakers (consultants and lawyers) who will allow you to:

  • Discover the vision of market players thanks to the feedback from a study conducted by our teams
  • Deepen compliance topics through the insights of the law firm Avanty
  • Collect the expert’s vision on collective retirement and individual retirement through two specific round tables ”


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