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By 20 January 2020April 10th, 2024Financial services & institutions

Insurance players have written a lot, talked a lot, they bickered a lot about the issue of coverage for the risk of loss of autonomy. It is clear that public support remains marginal, and that the long-term care insurance market remains anecdotal.

  • Does the community have the means to finance the additional costs linked to the aging of the population?
  • Is the risk of dependency an insurable risk?
  • What if the only real question was to organize a support adapted to the needs of the last part of life knowing that the financing would be provided by other mechanisms according to the segments of the population (solidarity, insurance, savings, supplementary retirement? …)?

For this morning, we have brought together public and private actors, funders, and care providers.

A morning organized in 3 stages:

  • What social project for supporting people with loss of autonomy?
  • Is the dependency risk an insurable risk?
  • What solutions to organize the conditions of an adapted care?


The morning on the theme “  Dependence: What if the loss of autonomy was not an insurable risk?  ”Will be co-hosted by Mariona Vivar Mompel (journalist for the editorial staff of News Assurances Pro) Frédérique Cintrat (CEO Assurancielles/Axielles), Catherine Pigeon (consulting actuary at Essentielles) and Marie-Sophie Houis-Valletoux (PMP partner & Cercle partner LAB).

They will receive Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo (Member of Parliament for Seine Maritime), Laure Châtel (Director of Social Economy at CNP Assurances), Pierre-Emmanuel Lefevbre (Managing Director of Axa Partners), François-Xavier Albouy (Research Director of the “Demographic transitions, Economic transitions”), Pierre Mayeur (Director General of l’OCIRP), Christiane Flouquet (Director of Social Action at CNAV), David Dubois (Director France and Benelux of RGA France), Didier Legrand (Head of MutRé market at SCOR), Benjamin Zimmer (associate deputy director at Silver Alliance) et Jean-Marc Aussibal (general manager of the Mutuelle Tutélaire).


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