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Resilience, adaptability, learning & confidence

By 7 April 2020April 10th, 2024Publications


Passed the first time of the astonishment, in a context where the whole world is mobilizing to fight the Covid-19, our habits and our certainties are swept away. Yours, ours, those of the entire planet!

At a time when we must show extraordinary resilience to face this health crisis and prepare an “after” which it is still too early to know what it will be, if not very different from what we imagined a few weeks ago, the teams of PMP’s Insurance and Financial Institutions sector are more than ever on the bridge and are adapting to continue to support you.

We are implementing methods and a work organization that each company must think about in the current crisis in order to act / react extraordinarily quickly to ensure the continuity and sustainability of its activity and to prepare for the restart when the epidemic has been beaten :

  • Sharing of best practices, Teleworking, virtual meetings with our clients
  • Provision of our consultants with all remote work tools such as VPN, collaborative tools (Skype, Microsoft teams etc.)
  • Long-distance relationships built on trust in the involvement and professional conscience of everyone
  • Work in smaller teams of which we make sure that each member is absolutely essential to the creation of value for our customers
  • Flexibility and social responsibility towards our teams
  • Open communication between everyone and frequent contact between members of the same team in order to support each other
  • Intense mobilization of associates in the service of consultants and clients in order to reassure them and take into account each person’s situation as best as possible

From a more global point of view, it is certainly a question of remaining operational in this period but also and above all of being aware of the links and interests that we have in common, this well beyond the “simple” economic relationship that exists between our customers and us.

It is also about learning from this crisis, totally unprecedented in modern history, in order to emerge stronger and strengthen our capacity to help our clients meet the challenges they face. In this regard, we have started to reflect on this probably different “after” in a context where we are convinced that the return to normalcy of economic activities will be slow and gradual.

Resilience, adaptability, learning, confidence, high standards of ourselves and presence by your side, these are the values ​​that guide us more than ever in these never-before-seen moments.

The PMP Financial Institutions team

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