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Planning scenario: how to inform short-term choices and decisions?

By 13 May 2020April 10th, 2024Publications

The Conf’Talk insurance is the new event PMP to  share with you on a theme videoconference.

Starting from the factors of uncertainties and possible risks to define scenarios that shed light on short-term choices and decisions: this is the promise of a scenario-planning approach.

On May 20, we suggested that you share the principles and advantages of this method, which is adapted to the specific challenges of insurance: impact of interest rates, availability of credit, changes in customer needs, etc. The objective is indeed to integrate and apprehend a number of uncertainties and plausible risks within systemic strategic thinking. To do this, it is a matter of co-constructing a few contrasting scenarios (3 or 4) making it possible to embrace different futures against which to inform strategic decisions. These scenarios are above all the starting point of an organizational transformation process (strategic thinking becomes transversal with bottom-up contributions) and continuous improvement (they are continuously enriched, monitored and followed to inform and help decision-making. ).

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