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By 22 June 2020April 10th, 2024News

The conf’talk insurance is a new event PMP for the insurance sector. We invite you to come and discuss a topic in videoconference.

For our next Conf’Talk, we invite you to discuss occupational health.

“Occupational health, when the health crisis emphasizes the needs of companies and the resources of SSTI, against a background of occupational health reform still under construction”

Born after the war, occupational health has undergone many reforms since the law of October 11, 1946, which makes the employer responsible for the health of its employees and defines its regulatory obligations.

The articulation of the action around multidisciplinary teams, the increasing consideration of collective needs and the affirmation of the SSTI as privileged players in the prevention of occupational risks are the major axes of past reforms.

The health crisis linked to SARS-CoV2 was an opportunity for the SSTI to reaffirm this place within the system.

The social partners seem to want to take control together to draw the contours of the future model of health at work.

The “big bang” announced in August 2018 by the Lecocq report now seems far away.

What will be the contours of the reform announced for 2 years now? What impact of the health crisis on awareness of the need and the desired operational response? How do you take into account the needs of businesses? What place for SSTI in the future model? 

We are expecting many of you to discuss occupational health 

the  Thursday June 25  at  2:30 p.m.  on Zoom

On registration confirmation only  (limited number of places)


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