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By 15 October 2020April 10th, 2024Financial services & institutions

The conf’talk insurance is a new event PMP for the insurance sector. We invite you to come and discuss a topic in videoconference.

For our next Conf’Talk, we invite you to discuss  inspiring innovations in the Chinese insurance market with Sophie Zhou Goulvestre, Managing Director of SR2C and Olivier Milcamps, Senior Manager of PMP.

After the reforms launched by Deng Xiao Ping in the late 1970s, the People’s Republic of China quickly became “the workshop of the world” (for example, 90% of toys sold in France are made in China). But since the 2010s, China has embarked on a new project, that of finding its historical place 1 st largest economy in 2049 at the latest. This ambition encouraged the emergence of BATX – the Chinese GAFAM: Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi – which brought the entire country into the digital age. During this Conf Talk, we will present to you some major innovations in the property and casualty insurance sector in China, a rapidly developing sector.

We are expecting many of you to discuss Thursday,November 5 from8:30 am to 9:30 am on Zoom

On registration confirmation only  (limited number of places)



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