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09/12 Webconference : platformization, open insurance: what challenges and what impacts for insurers?

By 8 December 2020April 10th, 2024Events, Financial services & institutions

PMP is organizing a conference dedicated to Open insurance in partnership with the Cercle Lab. 

The theme of the conference will be: “Platformization, Open Insurance: what challenges and what impacts for insurers?

Open Insurance, inspired by Open Banking, makes it possible in particular to generate new sources of income by opening up to new distribution methods linked to changes in uses and by facilitating the saturation of targets and the diversification of risks by enabling a distribution network to take over offers from other designers / insurers.

At the same time, insurers want to keep control of the customer relationship and serve a broader promise to their customers by capitalizing on their brand awareness and historic portfolio and building a closer relationship, with more frequent contact, and impact. stronger and more positive. It is the dynamics of the platformization of the insurance business that are starting.

This dual evolution implies a major change in the historical legacy of insurers, with the need to open the IS to the outside and to facilitate exchanges with external stakeholders without degrading the fluidity and continuity of the customer relationship.

For the years to come, and in a context where the “insurance product” tends to become commonplace, the winners of tomorrow will be those who will win the battle for customer relations.

Consultez le programme & speakers on the website Cercle Lab by Seroni 

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