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By 12 January 2021April 10th, 2024News

“Access to health data, what benefits for policyholders”

A second meeting of the Club Santé du Cercle LAB 2020-2021, dedicated to “The challenges of collecting and processing health data to better serve health policyholders in compliance with the regulations in force”, will take place on Tuesday February 19, co-hosted by Mariona Vivar (Cercle LAB) and Marie-Sophie Houis (Partner PMP and Partner Cercle LAB).

Under the “sponsorship” of Isabelle Hébert (AG2R La Mondiale) and Catherine Charrier Le Flaive (APRIL), and with the contribution of Virginie Femery (Groupe VYV), Laurent Borella (Malakoff Humanis) and Norbert Gautron (Galea), we will share convictions and achievements on how health data can help insurers go beyond their role of “healthcare payer” to better support policyholders in preserving their health capital.

  • Why is health data strategic for a health insurer?
  • Should we change the way we work and move from processing historical and internal data to taking into account prospective and external data?
  • How can these data help the insured to better support the insured in the management of his health?
  • What structuring work is needed at the level of management and information systems?
  • What are the difficulties encountered ?
  • What concrete projects have been carried out?

We will also try to measure how insurers fit into the opportunities offered by the Digital Health Space and what is the ethical framework in which they fit with regard to genetic data and more generally concerning the use of health data.

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