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[White paper] Executives’ views on the transformation of their company

By 21 April 2021April 10th, 2024Publications

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Leading and Transforming: Managers’ perspectives on the transformation of their company

PMP, an international boutique consulting firm, has been supporting senior management for over 15 years in the face of the increasingly complex and rapid changes they must anticipate.

The team of the Financial Institutions Division wanted to do a “freeze frame” on how managers in the Financial Institutions sector have imagined, initiated and executed the transformation of their company.

This desire, driven by Marie-Sophie Houis, PMP partner in charge of the Financial Institutions practice, was made possible by the energy of a team: Eric Panet Raymond, partner in charge of the Montreal office, Laure Lemaignen, associate director, Jean Levoir and Frédéric Channac, senior advisor… not to mention the “consultant-writers.

16 executives agreed to lift the veil and with great sincerity and humility, they shared their experience, their doubts and their convictions.

At the end of these 16 interviews, we have identified the 4 common “ingredients” of these great leaders of transformation: courage, desire, sincerity and time.

Then to each his own recipe ….

  • Martine Carlu, General Manager of Intériale: «When the sincerity of who you are makes what you want possible. The desire and authenticity of intentions at the heart of transformation»
  • Jean-François Chalifoux, President and CEO of Beneva (at the time of the interview, CEO of SSQ Insurance): «Listening and rallying for better transformation» 
  • Catherine Charrier-Leflaive, Managing Director April Santé Prévoyance (at the time of the interview LBP Deputy Managing Director in charge of insurance): «Impertinence and Sincerity»
  • Stéphane Dedeyan, Managing Director of CNP Assurance (at the time of the interview Managing Director of the Vyv Group): «The passion for insurance, the obsession with customers, the desire of employees»
  • Pascal Demurger, CEO MAIF : «A little luck, intuition… a lot of talent… and time».
  • Geneviève Fortier, Chief Executive Officer Promutuel Assurance : «Transforming myself is in my nature !»
  • Jean-François Garin, General Manager Groupama Gan Vie: «Transformation is a big bang»
  • Dominique Godet, Managing Director, Sham Relyens: «A corporate dream, when desire rhymes with performance»
  • Nicolas Gomart, Managing Director of Group Matmut: «Changes and transformation of the company after a historic handover»
  • Benoit Grisoni, Managing Director of Boursorama: «An obsession with growth without betraying our DNA»
  • Patricia Lacoste, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Prévoir: «Transforming in depth and smoothly»
  • Christophe Le Pape, Managing Director of Natixis Assurance: «Working differently, or how to reinvent the relationship between the employee and the company»
  • Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles, CEO Crédit du Nord: «Collective intelligence to move the lines»
  • André Renaudin, CEO of AG2R La Mondiale: «Be happy, be great, and serve the entire customer»
  • Jacques Richier, Managing Director of Allianz France: «The vision of an «integrator» who was able to convince people of the need for change and embodied it in a vision of a possible future»
  • Thomas Saunier, Managing Director of Malakoff Humanis: «Performance at the service of a strong social impact»

The transformation white paper, in a few figures:

  • 16 leaders, 11 men and 5 women, two countries: France and Canada, 16 groups representing 92 billion in sales and 111,550 employees, 50 hours of video, 2 lockdowns, 3 curfews
  • 16 portraits of transformations
  • 6 «Other views», from Jean Levoir, Caroline del Torchio, Laurent Leclercq, Errol Cohen, Nelly Brossard
  • 8 «Lessons of transformation»
  • 13 «Spotlights»

In this white paper, we talk about Raison d’Etre and the Mission Company, Covid, Governance and Organization, Parity, Open Insurance, the future of work, organic and inorganic growth, customers …. and employees.

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