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PMP partner of the Cercle Lab: Master Club in Barcelona

By 15 February 2022April 10th, 2024Financial services & institutions, News

PMP is a partner of the Cercle Lab, for which it participates in the health and provident clubs, as well as in the Master Club, an annual meeting that brings together the main players and managers in the French insurance market.

The 2020-2021 edition was held in Barcelona and was an opportunity for PMP to launch a new event, the insurance-fiction conference, which aims to anticipate the major changes in the insurance sector. For this first edition, Marie-Sophie Houis, partner of the Financial Institutions and Health division, and her team designed and presented their analysis of the structuring evolutions of the sector over the last 40 years, to better understand where we have come from, to better anticipate where we are going.

This retrospective has been structured around two levels of reading:

  • A chronological reading by decade; you will find it in the video below and in our booklet “Insurance in the past tense – 1980-2020, 40 years already”.
  • An analytical reading, to be found in our second booklet “Insurance Fiction – the insurance market, from yesterday to tomorrow”, built around 3 axes:
    1. “Seen not seen?”  The question of anticipation
    2. “Does it work?!” The question of the impact, the top and the flops
    3. “Whose fault is it? The question of the origin, what were the determinants of the change?

Understanding our past to imagine the future …. The retrospective on the last 40 years was used as material for reflection on the future of insurance, the theme of the round table during which the participants and our speakers gave their bets for the evolution of the sector and its major trends for the next 1 and 3 years. A big thank you to our speakers for playing the game:

Watch our video above, as well as our two booklets available for download below. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it!

And see you next year for the Master Club in Venice!

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