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Our consultants participate in the Paris Half-Marathon

By 18 March 2022April 10th, 2024Publications


PMP’s Beyond clubs are an opportunity for our consultants to discover each other by sharing leisure moments around common passions.

At the initiative of the PMP Running Club, our team of sportsmen and women challenged themselves under a radiant but cold sun alongside the 40,000 runners who took the start of the 30th edition of the Paris Half-Marathon on March 6th and met up for a well-deserved comfort brunch! 

We are very proud of our runners who all had a goal in mind: to beat a record or simply to go further in the effort. More than a race, the Paris Half-Marathon is a real invitation to surpass oneself.

Congratulations to all of you for your great times!

  • Anna Rajzbaum : 2h08
  • Anaïs-Andrée Dubois : 1h45
  • Jade Norrant  : 1h53
  • Maxime de Noirmont : 1h28
  • Tanguy Le Caer : 1h26
  • Damien Jouhaud : 1h35
  • Yann Murawski : 1h34
  • Kemi Mbolidi : 1h56
  • Marlo Chapron : 1h31
  • Othman Bounouh : 1h46
  • Samy Hanifi : 1h44
  • Eric Dupont : 1h44

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