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REPLAY WEBINAR proposed by PMP Strategy during the Process Excellence Week by Celonis

By 7 December 2022April 10th, 2024News

Feedback on ITSM process management

By separating itself from the real estate management of its hotels, Accor has become an “asset light” group, refocusing de facto on offering services to hotels.

In this context, hotel support is of crucial importance.

Stephane Olive, Accor’s VP of IT performance, chose process mining and Celonis to organize the quality monitoring of this complex global process.

The majority of strategic processes are based on hundreds of variants, often undergone, with journey times sometimes greatly extended. In this invisible daily imbroglio, the seeds of numerous operational inefficiencies germinate, causing additional costs, loss of revenue and in all cases reducing the satisfaction of the process “customer”.

Process mining is a process optimization technology based on the analysis of usage data coming from the applications that make up the process. It allows to correct process inefficiencies in a very short time and to drive the process by trial and error.

In the following webinar, Stephane OLIVE, VP IT performance at Accor, Philippe CUNY, Business Process Manager at Accor, and Olivier LEROY, head of data PMP Strategy, provide a feedback with the context, the project progress and the improvements observed 6 months after the industrialization of the Celonis EMS (Execution Management System).

Watch the replay:

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