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2023 : Embracing Change, Empowering Impact

2023 is a year of transformation across all fronts. In this era of sweeping change, the urgency of sustainability and social impact has taken center stage, becoming an imperative for business leaders, conscientious citizens, and regulators alike.

In these tumultuous times, PMP Strategy empowers you to navigate uncharted territories with proven expertise in business strategy, operations, finance, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. We offer more than abstract guidance ; we provide tangible actions and data-driven decisions that pave the way for your continued success.

Regulatory landscapes, such as the recently introduced Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in Europe, have transformed the way companies report their activities. ESG performance has transcended its optional status and is an indispensable factor when seeking financing. It has emerged as a strategic lever that unlocks opportunities for new products, markets, and heightened customer loyalty. 

At PMP Strategy, we empower leaders to thrive amidst the ongoing flux in three ways. Firstly, we provide you with the perspective that unravels the intricacies of the ever-evolving regulatory context, enabling you to focus and find deeper meaning in your activities. Secondly, we seamlessly integrate ESG considerations into your traditional management cycle, ensuring that your decisions and investments are balanced and forward-thinking. Lastly, through the proven expertise of our H2 Data Lab, we unearth and deliver invaluable ESG metrics, empowering you to shape your strategy and articulate your story with clarity and conviction. 

Unlock the invaluable expertise of PMP Strategy and allow us to help you surpass the goals you have set for 2023. Together, let us embrace change, foster impact, and chart a course toward a sustainable future. 

Discover the transformative links between finance and the challenges posed by ESG by downloading our White Paper

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About PMP Strategy

The depth and breadth of PMP Strategy’s sectorial expertise have expanded to four focus areas: Telecoms, Media & Technology, Transportation & Mobility, Energy & Industry Decarbonization, and Financial Services & Insurance. With a team of over 150 specialized consultants and a wide network of expert advisors, we have established ourselves as trusted partners to C-suites for various projects, including Strategy & Transformation, Private Equity, Digital, Data & Customer Experience, and CFO Advisory & Integrated Performance CSR-ESG.

At PMP Strategy, we build enduring relationships with our clients by working collaboratively to find tailor-made and innovative solutions to the challenges they face. In addition to our sectorial expertise, our commitment to diversity, people-centricity, and openness are the foundations of our success and remain an integral part of our entrepreneurial practice.

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