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PMP Strategy, Arcom and the Ministry of Culture present a study on the evolution of the French advertising market and its impact on media funding.

By 21 March 2024April 3rd, 2024News

Paris, January 30, 2024 – PMP Strategy, an international strategy consulting firm, is proud to announce the publication of a flagship report on the evolution of the advertising  market in France and its impact on media funding through to 2030. The report was produced by PMP Strategy on behest of the   Arcom (the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication) and the DGMIC (General Directorate of Media and Cultural Industries) at the Ministry of Culture.

The media, guarantors of democratic debate

The media, sometimes referred to as the fourth estate, plays a central role in our democratic societies. By investing in the production of news and content, they are the guarantors of democratic debate, pluralism and the preservation of cultural and political diversity.. In a world where misinformation is rife, the media provide reliable information, thus playing a crucial role in the proper functioning of our society.

Advertising, is an essential source of funding for the media,
allowing them to maintain reasonable prices and in many cases even free information and content.  . This balance rests on the willingness of advertisers’ desire to communicate about their products and services, addressing the audiences generated by these media.

Comparison of the share of advertising revenue captured across Europe and USA

Digital disruption

The advent of the internet has shifted advertising investments to the digital realm,
marking a decline for traditional media (print, television, radio, ….). The COVID crisis accelerated this transition. The study aims to assess the advertising market by 2030, by analyzing the underlying dynamics and quantify the impact for both traditional and digital media as well as the advertising funded content industries.

The conclusions of the study will be presented to the Etats généraux de l’information (French National Summit on News and Information) and will contribute to the public debate on the economic and regulatory challenges facing the sector.

Key Findings of the Study

The key findings of the study for 2030, presented in a detailed report, are as follows:

  • Net advertising revenues will continue to grow to 2030, at +2.3% per year.
  • With 65% of net advertising revenues captured by 2030 (vs. 52% in 2022), digital players will capture an increasingly large share of advertising revenues, concentrated around the major non-European platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon, …).
  • Traditional media will benefit very little from market growth, their digital revenues will represent only 6.4% of the total advertising market in 2030, compared to 5.1% today, equivalent to an increase of €400m
  • Advertising revenues collected by media outlets that invest in information and creative content will continue to decline by 2030: 29% of advertising revenues directed to these players investing in content in 2030 vs. 40% in 2022, resulting in a net decline of €800m.
  • In Europe, the share of advertising revenue captured by digital players in France is comparable to Germany and Italy. However, it is higher than 60% in Norway and the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom, it is particularly significant at 77%, due to a well-developed e-commerce market and a dynamic advertising sector, with four times more annual advertising spend per capita than in France. In the United States, the shift to digital, close to 60% in 2022, is also more substantial than in France.

Download the highlights of the study here.

Arcom is an independent public authority that guarantees freedom of communication. It has a mission to ensure public access to a pluralistic and rights-respecting audiovisual offer, to defend creation, and to contribute to a safer internet by fighting against false information, online hate, and illegal and problematic content.

The General Directorate for Media and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture defines, implements, and evaluates the State’s policy in favor of the development and pluralism of the media, the music industry, books and reading, and the cultural economy.

About PMP Strategy

PMP Strategy’s cross-border expertise spans four sectors: Telecoms, Media & Tech, Transport & Mobility, Energy & Decarbonisation Industry and Institutions & Financial Services. We also offer two cross-functional services: Finance consulting (including ESG management) and Digital, Data & Customer Experience consulting.

With a team of more than 150 specialized Consultants and an extensive network of Expert Advisors, we have established ourselves over the past 20 years as a trusted partner to CEOs and CFOs through more than 4,000 successful projects. PMP Strategy operates from three key hubs: Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

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