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Opt for a digital transition to diversify your revenues, maximize the potential of your e-commerce, improve the customer experience and modernize your internal structures.

Towards a successful digital transition

To keep up with the competition, your company needs to offer the same advantages as the pure digital players on the market, i.e. a high level of digital maturity, and personalized services that are accessible at all times.

With PMP, you will learn to :

  • develop a targeted approach
  • use a rigorous data system
  • offer cross-channel purchasing paths

Our offer

<h3>Help you create a comprehensive digital and omnichannel strategy.</h3>
Digital and Omnichannel Strategy

  • Derivation of digital and omnichannel strategy from business strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • Target vision: positioning in the value chain, value proposition, business model
  • Detailed action plan
  • Business plan
<h3>Offer a 360° diagnosis of your current e-commerce performance.</h3>
360° E-Commerce Performance Diagnostic

  • Economic performance by offering / device
  • Web marketing levers and their ROI
  • Conversion tunnel
  • UX/UI Diagnostics – Process and tools
  • Involvement of internal and partner teams
  • Corrective action plan
<h3>Work with you to create major strategic digital projects.</h3>
Major Strategic Digital Projects

  • New digital activities
  • Strategic framework and business model – Comex validation
  • Design (functionality, UX, marketing)
  • Production management

Digital platforms

  • Product and service marketplaces
  • Portals – aggregators
<h3>Implement a detailed digital transformation plan.</h3>
Digital Transformation Plan

  • Digital transformation of business and support functions
  • Overhaul of organization and processes
  • Setting up management, KPIs and data visualization tools

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