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Due diligence

Let our investment fund expertise guide you, so you can find the answer to all your problems.

Mergers and acquisitions

Our exclusive sector expertise helps you spot the best opportunities, carry out comprehensive due diligence, develop winning portfolio strategies, and facilitate financial transactions, giving you a competitive edge in a competitive marketplace.

Our offer

<h3>Help you carry out acquisitions and mergers by developing your understanding of the market.</h3>

Buy-side Due Diligence

To ensure the success of an M&A operation, it is essential to have a detailed understanding of the market, the regulatory context and the eco-system surrounding the target, and to identify its potential strategic assets.

Drawing on its strong sector expertise, PMP offers tailor-made, high value-added support for acquisition operations.

<h3> Assist you in drafting your equity or credit story, in order to facilitate the transfer or raising of debt.</h3>
Business plans are not always easy to understand for potential investors, and sales processes can be complex.

PMP, with its solid experience in the industrial sector, has developed the know-how to present complex activities in a didactic way. PMP can help you draw up an equity or credit story and facilitate a sale or debt-raising operation.

<h3>Supporting investors who want to increase the value of their assets under management.</h3>
The success of an operation only materializes when the target strategy is correctly executed.

PMP offers support for investors wishing to develop the value of their assets under management: review of the strategic plan to validate directions, identification of build-up targets to accelerate business growth, performance improvement programs to develop value.

<h3> Helping investment funds and manufacturers identify relevant opportunities in line with their investment strategy.</h3>
Financial markets are increasingly competitive. It’s key for investors to identify acquisition targets as early as possible, to avoid competition and improve their chances of identifying attractive investment opportunities.

Drawing on its strong sector expertise, PMP works with investment funds and manufacturers to identify relevant opportunities in line with their investment strategy.

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