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appointment – henri dolino appointed associate director of pmp canada

By 5 July 2019April 10th, 2024News

Henri Dolino, former Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Desjardins, has joined the Quebec office of the French consultancy firm PMP as an Associate Director.

With an undergraduate degree from Polytech Nancy and an MBA from HEC Montréal (Finance and Business Strategy), Henri has enjoyed an international career spanning Germany, Madagascar, France and Canada.

Before joining PMP, Henri worked for almost fifteen years in the Canadian finance sector, ten of which were at Desjardins, Canada’s largest cooperative financial institution. He held posts including the Director of Digital Channels and Vice President for Strategy, Marketing and Client Experience for the group’s property and casualty insurance arm, as well as Director of Innovation and Strategy and then Director of Digital Strategy for the group as a whole.

From the very beginning of his career, Henri has been passionate about the way technology can affect organisational performance. He has helped numerous companies to capitalise on the opportunities presented by technology, developing innovative strategies and supporting their implementation in sectors including retail, telecommunications, audio-visual and transport.

“As a former PMP client, I’ve seen the extremely positive and concrete way their input can impact a business, through a combination of sector expertise, experience in the field and raw talent. I’m excited to make my own contribution to the success of PMP’s clients. The firm is aligned with my values and practises internally what it preaches externally: the importance of client experience, employee experience, agility, innovation and a rigorous approach!”

As well as engaging with senior leaders, Henri has personal experience in strengthening innovation and collaboration within the Canadian Finance Sector, in particular via the Montréal FinTech Station. He is also mentor to and investor in a number of FinTech projects.

Gilles Vaqué, President and Associate Director of PMP, said, “We are delighted to have Henri joining us to increase our expertise and reach in the Canadian banking sector. The problems that financial sector leaders have to solve are increasingly complex, involving such issues as changing models and digital opportunities. Henri’s expertise in these subjects, his willingness to take on challenges, his capacity to find disruptive solutions and his in-depth knowledge of the organisations involved make him a significant new resource for PMP and our clients.”


About PMP

Founded in 2003 and managed by a team of 14 managing partners, PMP is a strategy, growth and transformation consulting firm. It is completely independent. The firm works mainly in conjunction with members of senior management, to whom it offers services that combine depth in terms of thought and strategic consulting with a strong capacity to deliver faultlessly. PMP, with its four offices in France, in Benelux, in Canada and in the Africa Middle-East region, has several teams that are specialised around four broad sectors, as follows: telecoms/media/tech, transport/mobility/tourism, energy and banking/insurance. Moreover, PMP has teams that are experts on the topics of digital transformations, customer experience management and financial management. The company has also recently set up a data lab and recruited a team of data scientists, in order to strengthen its expertise and exploit the potential of big data. PMP has also launched YouMeo so that it can work on pushing the boundaries by providing new forms of consulting services such as design thinking, innovation and disruption. Based on a sound foundation of entrepreneurial spirit and an openness to the international scene, PMP positions itself as a benchmark firm in terms of the provision of consultancy services to senior managers, implementing a methodology that combines content, expertise and co-creation approaches.


Press release of July 01, 2019


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